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I have been improving some old scripts and added some new stuff...
So this means that when I release beta 2, you all would, sadly, start a new game once again.

One of the scripts I rescripted is choosing your starter POKéMON...
Here's are screenies for you all.
They contain major spoilers so I'll wrap them up inside a spoiler...


What do you think? :D

Thanks pipz and Happy New Year!


Originally Posted by evrenry View Post
do you know ds moves to add game ? is it possible?ı thiink ı saw before :D
I am not troubling myself to add new moves for the time being.
also, I don't know how, but I think it is possible.

I'll check on that when I feel like it... :\

Originally Posted by Sitrow View Post
This is looking awesome DJG! ive played the first two and i cant wait for the full version of this one! Keep up the good work!
thank you~

Originally Posted by renzokilla View Post
i was playing log on my psp and i met felinar 3 times 0.0 i didnt have pokeballs but i saw him and i dont have ruby saves on my psp sooo...yea
I don't know why that happens... :\

Originally Posted by Avatar Ryan View Post
Looks Great!
Just about to play I hope i dont get confused like i did with RoL! (Rescue Rangers wasnt as bad but i could follow it)

Break a Leg! DJG XD
lol...I know it's a metaphor...

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