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    Hack name: pokemon darkrai version

    Hack of: pokemon ruby

    Additional information about the hack: its my first hack

    Finished percentage:bout 5-10 %

    Your hacking skills:i can do: basic mapping (using advance map) basic spriting (not to gr8 at drawing pixel by pixel on such a small area 64X64 is just a bit to small) basic text editing and a few other things

    What help or skill you're looking for: im looking for an advanced scripter that could help wiv storyline and a script that make the pkmn in first place folow u around like pikachu did in "pokemon yellow (special pikachu edition)"

    Additional contact information:u can contact me at my email addy which is : [email protected] or pm me

    Additional information:i also need a way to integrate darkrai into the storyline as its more about stopping team cosmos from launching earth like a rocket so they can conquer the universe wiv a planet sized battleship