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    My game just deleted itself or something, I've not used any cheats before you say "OMFG U CHEET Y U GOT LVL 100 RAYQUAZERRZZ!!1" or something. I'd also like to point out that I have not tampered with the game in any way and it has worked effeciantly in atleast 40 hours of game play.

    The problem is it has deleted my file and it keeps saying: "The save file has been erased due to corruption or damage. -- The game can be played."

    I want my save file back, is it gone for good?

    If it is I am miffed off since I had my level 100 Mewtwo and my level 100 hoenn starters on there with my Salamence level 85. -.- I think it might of been that I tried to reset the game while going up Sky Pillar for Rayquaza. I was resetting it at the bit you had to zoom past with your bike and then it wouldn't work on the next reload.

    Help? Once this has been answered a Mod can close the thread or w/e.

    Edit: The FAQ said it may be fake but I am seriously doubting this since my brother bought it off a trusted eBay dealer. The case is dull green, which isnt the standard casing with a none-shiny green label. It has the code AGB-BPEE-USA imprinted below the Pokemon EMERALD VERSION text and it looks real in every way possible.
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