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I got Twilight Princess shortly after I got my Wii. Ocarina of Time, I bought not long ago, for Virtual Console, and Luke, my brother, got Phantom Hourglass for his birthday. I'm borrowing Wind Waker at the moment.

Ooh! I like to draw. I've drawn a few things Zelda related, I might be able to go looking for them later.

EDIT: My brother got off the Wii, I'm checking that Lanyru thing now.

Ok, if you stand on the very edge of the ledge, when you enter the cave, and turn around, you can get the hookshot there. There's another one to the left, above you. Then grab the one in the centre of the room, up above. There's another one, directly in front of you, a bit to the right on a tree log. You may need to go down a little bit on the hookshot. Then grab the one on the wall, just to you right. Then drop. If you folllow the way down there's a chest with 100 rupees innit. Keep in mind you need the Double Hookshot for this.
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