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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

I have been improving some old scripts and added some new stuff...
So this means that when I release beta 2, you all would, sadly, start a new game once again.

One of the scripts I rescripted is choosing your starter POKéMON...
Here's are screenies for you all.
They contain major spoilers so I'll wrap them up inside a spoiler...


What do you think? :D

Thanks pipz and Happy New Year!

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

Remember my previous update?
Shouldn't be too hard to spot, for it's just a few post above this one...

Anyways, I also plan to add pictures of the Elemental Masters of LoG.
Here's a screeny of the first Elemental Master, Janice, the Wing Guardian.

I don't plan to add pictures to the rivals though...
Putting these pictures takes a lot of offsets... -__-

Thanks pipz~
Wow really cant wait till beta 2 now!
It's amazing cuz i dont really like ruby but i love this series! XD
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