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I wanted to make a battle where after the hero defeats the npc, he will gain a pokemon. In this
case, I want the hero to receive a lvl 80 entei after defeating him. I dont know how I would go
about doing this so any help would be great

Game: Pokemon Ruby
Type: Person
Editor: XSE
#dynamic 0x800000

#org @main
checkflag 0x1000
if B_True goto @end
msgbox @text 5
compare LASTRESULT B_Yes
if B_True goto @true
msgbox @no 6

#ORG @end

#org @true
msgbox @yes 6
wildbattle PKMN_ENTEI 80 0

#org @text
= I am Firaga, Master of the Fire\nElement.\lDo you want to face me?

#org @no
= You are right to fear my fiery\npower!

#org @yes
= Hahaha! Ready to be scorched?