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    After a brief (unintentional) hiatus:

    Anima Ex Machina
    (Therefore, the lords sent Adam from the Garden of Eden.)

    The National Defense Forces, the combined military of Japan, can usually be trusted to protect the people. However, after the series of events that left Polaris Institute practically devastated, they receive mysterious orders to apprehend and exile the XP-494 known as Codename Adam, whether his human self is dangerous or not.

    For that reason, Bill wakes up to find himself stranded in Hoenn and utterly alone. A nearby city contains the only sign of life he can find, but the band of survivors living within it aren't entirely a welcome committee.
    Professional ninja. May or may not actually be back. Here for the snark and banter at most.

    Need some light reading?
    Anima Ex Machina (Chapter 20 now available)
    The Leaf Green Incident (SWC 2012 winner)
    Braid (Creepypasta apparently)
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