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    Okay well evidently this thread turned into a "Help me find the lengendary animals on Fire Red and Leaf Green!" so my suggestion is (And I highly reccomend that you do this)
    1. Buy one, thats right one max repel.
    2. Fly to Viridian City
    3. Walk south to the edge of the northren most grass field, make sure not to walk into it.
    4. Save game
    5. Use max repel
    6. Walk around in field of grass until it runs out
    7. When it runs out, reset game and repeat steps 5-7 until found, now it might take a while, but it works.
    Really this works, I caught Entei and Raikou this way, now I have to complete the game so I can get to look for Suicuine.
    Oh heres a quick refrence chart for what your starters need to be to catch the animals.
    Bulbasaur -> Entei
    Charmander -> Suicuine
    Squritle -> Raikou
    Have fun.
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