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Originally Posted by Kalm View Post
Game: Pokemon Fire Red
Type: Script (Walkon)
Editor: PoketScript(Rubikon)/Notepad


#org $scrtpth2
checkflag 0x200
if 0x1 goto $pass
checkflag 0x828
if 0x1 goto $stop
applymovement 0x03 $exclam
pause 0x30
applymovement 0x03 $movechar
message $deny
boxset 6
applymovement 0xFF $mright
pausemove 0x0
applymovement 0xFF $mright
pause 0x10
applymovement 0x03 $mup
pausemove 0x0
applymovement 0x03 $mright
pausemove 0x0
applymovement 0x03 $fdown
pausemove 0x0

#org $stop
message $question
boxset 6
pause 0x10
applymovement 0x03 $exclam
pause 0x20
message $letpass
boxset 6
setflag 0x200

#org $pass

#org $mup
#raw 0x11 0xFE

#org $fdown
#raw 0x2D 0xFE

#org $mright
#raw 0x13 0xFE

#org $movechar
#raw 0x1F 0x1D 0x03 0xFE

#org $exclam
#raw 0x62 0xFE

#org $question
$question 1 =I am sorry but I still cannot\nlet you pass.

#org $letpass
$letpass 1 =Oh, you now have a Pokemon.\nI guess I won't have to worry\nabout letting you pass.\pPlease be careful though\nand watch your Pokemon's HP.

#org $deny
$deny 1 =You can't go out there\nwithout your own Pokemon.\pWild Pokemon might attack you!

The first half of the code works fine where it simply says you don't have your pokemon and cannot go out etc etc... But when the flag 0x828 is set (meaning the POKEMON menu becomes available via Fire Red's original scripts), I can walk right through the scripted tile and the only trainer I have placed on that map is screwed up, leading me to the red screen. Also, only the trainer was effected. My other characters on the map were not.

Script Parameters:

Unknown: 0003
Var Number: 4050
Var Value: 0000

Anyone know why this is happening?
Ok, I've fixed the script to my best knowledge... You were missing a pausemove 0x0 in part of the script, and I rearranged the way your movements were written.. Because the way you had them written used to give me errors in Pokescript, even though they should work. Also, try adapting to XSE, it's much better and most of the time tells you what you're doing wrong in your script.. And it's much less buggy. Anyway, I hope the script works. Also, try using a different flag than the pokemon menu.. Maybe set/clear it in a previous part of the game, because I think used flags in the game can give you messed up errors... Because I've never run into a script where everything went red in the end lol.

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