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    How to change correctly the Intro hero in FR/LG


    Italian/English translation by Sean Visinoni
    English text fixed by BZuma

    Most of you, know the tutorial by the famous Zel which teaches how to change the intro hero by recoloring the sprite in black and white.

    Though I esteem Zel, I always had the impression that it was wrong.

    As a matter of fact I manage to discover an easier way that may also be useful for many other things.

    First of all I'd like to thank HackMew for theaching me this method ^^.


    -VisualBoy Advance;

    -FR/LG Rom;

    -Photoshop (I use CS2 version);


    -Free Space Finder (FSF);

    First Part: Research

    First of all, you have to open the ROM with Unlz.GBA, and go to go to 341 (more or less) using 256 color and Black/White mode.

    As you can see, it's easy to observe that this is the male character, while the others PGs (Female, Professor, Rival) are in the following go to.

    Now that you have found the sprite you must save it, and I suggest you to save it in format .PNG.

    Now, play your rom until the moment when the game asks you to chose which Character you want to be, male or female...

    Then click on Tools --> Palette Viewer...

    as in the image:

    The palette we need are in the left pannel (Background), so you'll have to save that palettes by clicking on "SAVE BG" and save the palette in .ACT:

    Second Part: Photoshop and Sprite

    Now we can finally use Photoshop.

    I know that not all of you have it, but it's very useful to modify images.

    Open the sprite we saved before with Photoshop:

    Image --> Mode --> Colours table

    as in the image:

    It will appear the colour table that obviously will be toned-down from black to white

    Now you have to go to "Load" and you open the palette in .ACT format that we saved before...

    et voillà!

    The hero has now the right palettes. Before you start editing the sprite, I suggest you to change the background, because it's black and may create some confusion... so put a bright colour...

    To do this you just have to go back to the colour table and edit the first colour.

    I decided to use kyledove's sprite, but you can chose your favourite!

    Third Part: Insert

    after you have modify the sprite you must insert it. So, now you must use Free Space Finder (FSF) by HackMew.

    With this you can search for any free offset that exists.

    Let's go back to UNLZ, insert the sprite and then Write to Rom

    Now you will have to select the things you want to use... in this case they are:

    -export image

    -Auto abort if new data is bigger

    Remember that YOU DON'T HAVE TO SELECT "EXPORT PALETTE" or your rom may crash...
    If you selected the things I told you to select, it should appear this window:

    In this case the image is bigger than the previous one and there's no enough space...

    So UNLZ asks you if you want to reduce the image... click on Cancel, but remember the code I've selected (76C)*.

    *Remember that this is just an example and your is sure different.

    This number is in hexadecimal (HEX), but we have to bring it to decimal (DEC)...

    To change it, you just need the windows calculator, using the scientific mode.

    Now we turn in HEX:

    As you can see, 76C is Hex and Dec it's 1900.

    Now you have to copy this number, open Free Space Finder (FSF) and you search for your rom

    In the section "bytes needed" there’s 64 by default, replace it with your new number, and click on search.

    We finally found our free offset, the one that UNLZ need to insert the image.

    Now you go back to UNLZ and do again Write to Rom

    But this time you'll have a new offset. So now select:

    -export image

    -Auto abort if new data is bigger


    -automaticly fix pointers

    and paste the offset that we found with FSF in the box image offset

    and click OK

    Now you'll see a message which will say to you that your image has been saved with a new offset.

    Now you just have to try your Rom hoping that all has went as it should...

    If you find an error try reading again the tutorial and check out if you missed anything.

    If the problem persists don't resist and ask ^^

    You can change the Sprite's palettes whit the HackMew tool's...APE

    APE offset:
    Boy intro ------>0046161C
    Rival Intro ---->004623B0
    Prof intro ----->004623B4
    Girl Intro ------>00460EF0

    Palette found by >Dante<


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