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This is an awful and unbalanced version of the hack. I'm not even sure if it still works. This isn't fun unless you're a straight up masochist.

With the permission of Haraken, I present to you all...

rijonAdventures X
The more intense, difficult, rijonAdventures.

Trainers have increased levels (and by a lot)
Gym Leaders now amazingly difficult
Merson Cave basement rebuilt.
Incredibly hard Pokémon League
Wild Pokémon have increased levels
Strategically hidden Cameo of me, megiddo, and Vrai, with rewards
Slightly edited titlescreen to fit my needs.
KB Size of exactly 1337kb, thus meaning, I made it 1337. (though rar decreases it)

Things needed to know when playing
  • Not every trainer is done
  • Trainers may be way too tough
  • Trainers by be a tad too weak
  • Trainers may seem out of order
Wild Pokémonwise
  • Not every patch is done
  • They might seem extremely difficult at certain points, try to push on and ignore it.
  • Some areas might seem a bit odd for the levels, or strange pokémon may appear
  • Movesets might be a tad messed up, this applies for league and rival too
  • Pokémon might seem strange and out of order, ignore this.

Everyone who helped out with the original rijonAdventures
megiddo - Testing, Cameo
Vrai - Testing, Cameo
Me - Every difference between the original rijonAdventures and rijonX

Click Here to Download rijonAdventuresX
Hopefully temporary until Haraken adds it to first post and uploads it to a better location.

Or better yet, see the attachment if the above one does not function properly.
Comments, or errors, please report it to me.
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