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    Eh, the overall game seems okay. But I suggest you shouldn't have made a thread if you don't even have the program to make it ._.' Okay, first of all, let's talk about the name of the game, It's not that great. I mean, Turquoise Tears? It's kind of cheesy and also it dosen't sound 'pokemon'. You could take of the 'pokemon' of the name of this game and it would fit a game that's not related to pokemon perfectly. Try 'Pokemon Turquoise.' I understand the tie of the story and name of the game, but still, you need to chnage the name.

    Next, I'll be talking about the story (becuase it's the only other thing I can talk about \o/). It's pretty good, and I like the part about Milotic, but some of it isn't that great. It's okay though. Pretty good job; you still need to work on it some more I think.

    Overall, it's pretty good. I support this game in a ways where I don't add a link to this thread in my signature, but... Well, I hope you understand what you mean. I'd like to see how this game progresses. Good luck.

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