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    I get so excited when I see these new threads xD...
    Originally Posted by Mystery Soul View Post
    First of all, hi everyone at PokeCommunity This is a very thought out game Glad to hear it... that I've been jotting down notes for since last year. The reason this isn't in the Game developmet section is because I can't find a Zip File download for RPG Maker XP Postality Knights Edition Is that freeware? I wouldn't know, and I ask 'cause of all of the crack-users here (haha, that sounded like I meant something else =P).... Anyways...


    Long ago, before man walked the Earth, there was the Original One, Arceus How do they know its name?. In one week Arceus had created the universe, the Earth, the Sun and Moon, and the beings of Space and Time; Palkia and Dialga Got anything original?. Arceus then created three more beings; The beings of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld ...Diavil...Anjewl...and Groudon? xD. They were called Seraphium, Gaianon, and Sataruos ...I was gonna say how I don't like the names, but, comparing them to Charlie's, I guess it's all the same, really.. Arceus intructed them in their duties and the beings of Heaven and Earth took charge without hesitation So their administrators? What does the one for the Underworld get outta this (seems like a rotten deal t' me)?. However, Sataruos did not take kindly to being the ruler of a hot, underground domain Oh, so nothing? Surely, though, Arceus would offer some benefit.... He decided to rebel during Arceus's period of rest, which he took after creating humans on Earth; three days later. During his rest, Sataruos caused great havoc on Earth. Seraphium Why should Seraphium help? It's domain isn't Terra...wait, wouldn't Arceus rule over Heaven itself? and Gaianon could not stop him Why aren't they about equal-powered for a sense of balance? Where are Dialga and Palkia?, but a young woman, the princess of a community called Pokelantis ...yeeeeeah, does she have a name?, found a way to cease the Devil Pokemon's reighn of terror. She crafted a flute, an Azure Flute This has nothing to do with Arceus ..., and played it while on the highest altar in Pokelantis What song? Who wrote it? Where did she learn it? How did it soothe the pkmn?. She played the song Oracion ...grarg. Where did she learn it? on the flute and its tune awoke Arceus If that's indeed what it does, then how come Arceus did not awaken in the movie? When you say awaken, do you moreso mean summon?. When Arceus saw the terrors that Satauros had caused, he sealed away him away So he'd have to show himself, right?, in a stone coffin beneath a large mountain in the middle of the sea. However, before his imprisonment, Satauros cursed the princess that caused his demise by turning her into a Pokemon; the first Milotic You've got a really vivid imagination, and I like that...although this is blatantly not canon, it's something different. Not too original, either, but that's alright...I'm finding it interesting.. The Milotic then swan into the sea with the Azure Flute in its mouth and dropped it into the deepest crag in the sea Why wouldn't she go through more trouble to hide her Flute? Wouldn't she entrust it to a human?. Arceus felt terrible for the curse on the princess and decided to immortalize her as a statue of pure Turquoise ...I don't see what good that does her.. The people of Pokelantis mourned the loss of their princess but they wondered why she took the Azure Flute to the bottom of the sea...

    Now, located in the museum of Valencia City Valencia Island...Valencia City...cxn?, is the statue of the princess in her Milotic form Explain Feebas to me. IMO, you could do so by adding to the story by making something yet happen to the Princess. Now that Sataruos is imprisoned, who rules over the Underworld? Why does it need ruling, anyways? A little expanding, and this'll look better... along with a restored tome of the events that took place in Pokelantis. Howvever, this legend spurred the interest of a terrible man, the leader of the evil Pokemon organization, Team Dark Fire Lose the evil team, pleeeeease...nobody wants to see them. It's better without 'em.. Now Team Dark Fire is causing havoc in the region of Cascade Why?; split into its three island masses of Cascade, Azurite What about the Aquanite and the Crimsonite?, and Turquoise. Their purpose, to find the Azure Flute to awaken Satauros What good would that do them? This pkmn wouldn't listen to the Arceus on High, so why would he listen to a few mortals? How did they learn this stuff, anyways? by playing Oracion's opposite Mortalitas, the song of death...Do you mean literally playing it backwards, or they learned another song from somewhere?

    Plot: Zing!

    You begin the game as the son/daughter of Professor Rosewood Lose the cliche; it's not needed..., the head of ancient Pokemon research in the Cascade Region. One morning you wake up to find a note on your mother's work desk saying that she left to do field studies on Route 400, beyond your hometown of Newbreeze. You round up your friend and your rival Is it a forced rival, or does s/he add to the plot? Wouldn't your rival be your friend, anyways? Unfriendly rivalries get dirty... and the three of you go out to Route 400 to find your mother being assualted by three men in black uniforms, later to be known as Team Dark Fire grunts. You and your companions do not hesitate to retrieve a PokeBall from a bag Rosewood had dropped a few feet behind her Can't you just make it a -little- different? Maybe as a twist on things, the grunts left their bags on the ground, and you raid those. Fair is fair, right? I bet they stole those pkmn, anyways, and they need loving trainers.... The PokeBall you choose contains your Starter. After making your choice, you battle one of the grunts and defeat them. After, Rosewood takes you three back to the lab to explain the situation and gives you the Pokemon you chose to fight the grunt as a gift, along with a PokeDex Why is there a pkdex? Were you guys planning on being trainers before this? What does the professor get outta it?, five PokeBalls, and a Trainer Pack. She asks the three of you to complete the PokeDex and gather information ...meh. on every Pokemon native to Cascade. Thus begining your adventure to complete the PokeDex, along the way you start participating in Gym battles and Contests, and also begin to uncover information on Team Dark Fire...

    *202 new Pokemon ...please don't say plus 493...
    *An entirly new region
    *The addition of a Pokemon Academy, which you enroll in. Three dorms: Charizard, Pikachu, and Blastoise?
    *New moves and D/P attacks
    *The chance to capture every Pokemon
    *An individual storyline for every Legendary Pokemon How many are there?! Just the four...?
    *New items
    *Focus on Arcues, Milotic, and three new Legendaries You've gotta weave in Feebas...the first longer set of questions is what you should flesh out for more elegance here.

    Even though I can't actually begin working on the game, I've worked on its data.

    PokeDex 100%
    Routes, Towns, Cities 96%
    Attacks 0%
    Items 0%
    Trainers 0%
    Gyms and Elite 4 50%

    So wat do you all think?
    Nytkoi: give specifics when chewing up the story (otherwise, they don't get any help)...but don't worry, I think I did plenty of that in the form of ?s for you 8D...
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