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Originally Posted by .Pichu-kun View Post
Awesome update~

I really love the little picture boxes, and maybe you should think about putting them on the rivals that you think are more important. ;D
I am but, as I said, those take too much space in a ROM...

Originally Posted by пзо View Post
Thats a Extreme update. but I love it!
Good Luck.
(Dont those pictures Waste much space?)
And the last one has MUCH better quality.
Hacking is becoming more advanced.
(First the rijion boot screen, now this)
those pictures aren't advance though...
they're just PKMN sprites being replaced by faces and are shown on the left instead on the center. but thanks~

Originally Posted by Avatar Ryan View Post
Wow really cant wait till beta 2 now!
It's amazing cuz i dont really like ruby but i love this series! XD

Originally Posted by Sk8er Prince View Post
Umm... is Janice actually Roxanne?

BTW, I like the way that you are inserting the pictures

for some of the People...
yah, and thanks~

Originally Posted by Terry. T. View Post
Yay, it's here! Is it finished? (If not, I could sprite for you if you need me)
it ain't finished yet...

Originally Posted by kelvin376 View Post
Hey man nice hack :D
Hopefully you would release beta 2 after a month or so.
probably and I hope so...
'Time' can tell if I am busy or not.
patience is a must here, I guess...


Originally Posted by xDeathxSentencex View Post
I've got a problem with your currently released beta. It's amazing, but I have a problem IN the game. I got Janice's symbol for the second time, but I can't fight Richard when I go into Bouquet Field.
that ain't much of a problem though...

I'll check on that.

Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
nope... Janice is a different person, just a "tentative" sprite for Janice since we don't have any ideas for her looks
I'm just lazy and just decided to use Ruby sprites, that's all...

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Magnificent update!
But... What do you mean when you complete beta 2?
thanks and what I meant was when beta 2 is ready for the public.

Originally Posted by Darkly_the_flygon View Post
okay, I would like to help with this hack, but I can't find you guys in the team discussions board. I am okay at spriting and great at mapping.
PM me with your sprites.

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