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    Originally Posted by megiddo View Post
    There is an issue with exporting a map then importing one. This causes the header to mess up a bit, disabling running and biking. I'm going to somewhat explain how to fix this.
    1.Open up your rom with the changed map, goto the header tab and enable professional view ctrl+h.
    2. Do the same with a clean rom. Make sure you're on the same bank and map number.
    3. Look at the map header data in the changed one and starting from the beginning record until you reach 08. Eg: A8937308C4C47108A77F1608742A350825015D006900020301060000 This is the pointer to the map footer and must stay the same
    4.Copy paste the header from the clean rom and change its pointer.
    5. The second part of data I think is a pointer to the map's events and such. If you do not have any events on your map, skip this step. A8937308C4C47108A77F1608742A350825015D006900020301060000 Change this part in the clean header.
    6. Copy paste your new "comboheader" into your changed map and hit save changes and reload map.
    7. Test your map out in game.
    very helpful good tutorial this will really help my hack
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