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    Gah. Gone for a day and this happens. Anyways, look, I'm like 14 and a hlaf, so my skills with a dynamic story and plot are not the most original. Also, the name. Anyone have suggestions? To answer some questions:

    1.Freeware? No idea. It's the hacked version that I used on my old computer cause I'm too cheap to pay=D
    2.The princess's name is to be revealed should the game be made
    3.Seraphium and Gaianon couldn't defeat him for the reason that (A) Seraphium is Light in type and by my rules Dark trumps Light and vice versa. (B)It makes the plot better, no?
    4.The song, obviously based from the Rise of Darkrai, was written by her as well. Jeez, do I have to type EVERY detail?
    5.Yes, she summoned him/it.
    6.She's a Pokemon, no talking, see? Besides, what if she entrusted it to a human that wanted to use Arceus for his own nefarious purposes?
    7.I know, however, she isn't technically dead, just imprisoned. It all has a way of coming together, trust me
    8.I had no idea that the name Valencia was already used but what ever.
    9.Feebas plays a somewhat secret role in this.
    10.It's still in Satauros's control, he's just imprisoned. Will be explained.
    11.EVERY game has an evil team/group. They stay.
    12. Hence the opposite song. And this evil mastermind isn't stupid. Yet again, to be revealed.
    13.Cliche? I don't remember a game where your the professor's child...
    14.Friendly rival. Yes, they add to the plot.
    15. Good idea...I may use that...
    16. Technically, yes.
    17. Um, yeah. ALL Pokemon will be catchable.
    18. No, havn't thought of names.
    19. I meant a story for EVERY Legendary.
    20. There will be Feebas. That I can promise.
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