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Originally Posted by LightBender View Post
you probably have a fake game, what country did you get it in?

relicanth is really rare though, so it really is in routes 124+126
Actually, I have several ways to rule out the possibility of a fake game:

1) I've seen a YouTube video on how to tell the difference between a real game pak and a pirated one. The only thing it didn't mention was that a fake copy is slightly harder to fit into the cartridge slot. All my current Pokemon GBA games have the qualities of the real thing.

2) This turns out to be happening in my Sapphire copy as well. That's real too. I know, because when I sent my former Sapphire copy to get repaired, someone on the other line said that it's pirated, and replaced it with a real copy.

3) I got six Shell Bells when I was playing Sapphire, and I have three Shell Bells in Ruby thus far.

4) All other time-based events are still working in Ruby, and they had been in Sapphire when I finished getting six Shell Bells. Normally, the items in question would have already regenerated the day after I last collected them in Sapphire, even if the berry glitch kicked in.

The possibility that the items in question don't regenerate on Sundays is also ruled out, because the GBA games don't have a days-of-the-week feature. So, something probably has taken place that defies logic in all ways possible. Whatever it is, I'm sure it isn't the berry glitch, because I did try to fix it with the Pokemon Collesium Bonus Disk, and I got a message saying that the berry program doesn't need to be updated.

So, has anyone else reading this experienced this problem before?


Figured it out. All I had to do was talk to the man who makes Shell Bells, and that's it.