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    Hey guys I had a quick question for you. It's more of an opinion-based question, but I was hoping to get some input from some of you.

    I'm playing Crystal, and I'm just about to the lake of rage. I have a Dragonaire on my team, but I'm thinking of dropping it. Dragonite is great, but by the time I get to lvl 55 I'll have beaten all 16 gyms and the Dragonite won't be much use. Dragonaire isn't very good so I'm not sure I want to use it.

    I'm looking at adding a flying type to my team. I don't like using a "fly slave" since I fly around so much, I prefer teaching fly to a permanent member of my team.

    So, besides legendaries, what is a good flying pokemon to use? I was looking at either Crobat or Skarmory....good idea?