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    hey everyone be carfull there is someone out there stealing sprite etc. i entered my sprite for the contest OI was having, and he wrote back saying he found the same one on deviant art, so i looked into it, and it looked just like my design but she edited it a little, and now OI thinks i stole it, that is definatly my design. i dont know why you dont believe my i love your game and everything. please dont take away my hard work win, and the grand prize, if you do your blaming the wrong person, i talked to the girl on deviant art and she wrote back to me and said screw, so you obviosly no she took it. whatever OI please write back to me i was so excited i finally won something.


    What up guys its Johnny B, JB for short if you want, well just hanging around pokecommunity, i love some of the games that people make on here, but w.e lol GL to everyones games, especially infinite rainbow :D!~~