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    Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
    Haha johnny get over it. You were found out and thats it. I wasnt making fun of your fakemon lol I just made fun of how tou tried to change the name lol. Also I believe it was you that was all over fakemon saying how they suck and how fakemon would make malachite and epic fail.(people check my sig for one of his quotes lol) But you made fakemon for one of your games? lol you haven't presented me with any proof of anything. I'm shown you the sprite you stole and the person you stole it from aswell as the date on it. your a thief and thats it.
    Johnny epic fail..
    But OI, games looking good, are you going to use D/P/P style tiles (which I may have sent to you, I'm not sure about thatXD)
    So how's things going with malachite?

    Good luck with the game and greetings

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