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Wow all of you are ****ing retards, are you kidding me that i s my sprite, and oi I tried so hard to become your friend and help you in your games but you obviosly don't like me and hate my guts, if you don't believe me your crazy and whoever said that there was another game with that sprite please tell me the owner because I am gonna talk to them that is my frigan sprite, I made that with my own friggan computer and the girl or boy that stole that from me can go **** them selves beasue this is ridiculous and I don't really give a crap if I get in trouble for swearing because this is wack. OI are you kidding me right now seriously are you that stupid? That is my sprite, if it wasn't then I wouldn't be arguing like this on here, I am so pissed of because you guys don't believe me, I really don't understand, and pokemon oi I said that about fakemon because I tried to make a game with fakemon a year ago and it didn't work out that's why I hate fakemon now, I had that sprite from that game so I sent it to you for the contest, and whenever I heard you say you say you saw it somehwere else I fliip out because it is mine. This is ********, I finally win something for my hardwork and you just rip it right from me because you think I stole a sprite, I didn't its mine get over it really? Ugh this is getting me so pissed of its not even funny I will get a higher up autority to help me with this because no one is gonna steal my sprites and get away with it, and I am definatly gonna find out who stole them, so now do you believe me? I wouldn't go on a rant like this if I stole it I am so mad right now Oi and very disspointed because you don't believe me I don't steal peoples sprites, and I finnaly like malachite and now you makeing accusations that I stole someones sprite and I didn't so stop saying it that's my sprite people get over it. Ughh tottaly pissed off OI I won't do this in this thread any more ill pm you next time, but cmon dude I don't steal peoples stuff, do you really think I steal peoples creations?! I would never do that so please reconsider your decision cause I am so mad and sad right now because you don't believe me
What up guys its Johnny B, JB for short if you want, well just hanging around pokecommunity, i love some of the games that people make on here, but w.e lol GL to everyones games, especially infinite rainbow :D!~~