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    Okay I've benn looking through all your sprites. Now I must get to the hard part and um kinda criticise you. Now this doesn't mean your should stop I remember when I wasn't the greatest but I never gave-up. It's just I think I need to post something so here it goes (this is for your own good). Now first of all You do a decent job of making lineart but your Fakemon are very...well they're very un-Pokemonish and I don't really like them. Second of all you know what your doing when you splice but it seems like you get a little carried away and it's all copy and paste with no adjustments at all. I mean don't get me wrong and don't just quit but I think it works out better for a Spriter to receive some harsh criticism seeming as though I grew up in a harsh pixeling forum but it worked better for me and got me to get better. SO don't quit but improve and look for ways to improve. Study up Pokemon sprites, look for tutorials and you'll get btter, you usually do as long as you keep going and continue to learn.
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