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    Wow, you were really worried that I was going to quit just because of a tad of critique. Don't worry, I understand the purpose of critique. I myself critique people at another forum. I agree about the Fakemon not being very Pokemonish. I'm not very good at forcing my style into another one. When I try, it gets mixed up with my own. Admittingly though I dont' fight personal style too much, since I'm still new to spriting, I'd like to develope and enhance my own style. Once Fakemon are done, I won't be doing too many. I view my Fakemon as practice for spriting. Aside from that though I'm glad you like the line art. I think one problem is the concepts maybe. A lot of my things are plain, but that's because I'm a plain person at heart, and I like plain =P.

    I don't quite get what you mean by getting carried away. Also I know I've done a lot of copy/paste in the past, but as of recently I thought I've been getting away from that more. Things like Dialga+Xatu, or Mewtwo+Kyogre I don't remember doing any Copy/paste. I can't say I'll stop copy/paste, sometimes it's fun, like a puzzle almost. I also see it like a specific style.

    I agree with you, a spriter need critism. I post my stuff not jsut for praise, but for the critique. I want to be better, and I thank you for taking the time tell me what you don't like. I don't think looking up more Pokemon sprites can help me. I mean I've been dealing closely enough with them to make my splices and for some Fakemon.

    Thanks again for the critisizing. I will try and keep these things in mind for the next time I do some spriting and what not.
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