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Originally Posted by Ichiro Kazuki View Post
Now the boxset 0x5 is wrong he say he don't know boxset
That's because the new XSE doesn't know boxset anymore. remove the boxset 0x5, and it should work.
Originally Posted by TheSandbox View Post
So, I'm hacking Ruby atm.
Is there any way to change where the character appears after coming out of the truck (in the beginning of the game)? And if so, how? Because I can't seem to find the script.
Go to the INSIDE OF TRUCK, and decompile the green 'S' there (any one of them), and adjust the "setwarpplace" command (if you're using the newest XSE). Or just use SMCA (Start Map Chooser Advance), and it will let you choose where the player will end up after leaving the truck. It will also let you make a difference whether you're a boy or a girl.