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yey! another story to save for offline reading

I was thinking about making a cool Fanfiction about my character from the rp 'A New Professor In Town' entering in some type of Water League in the Battle Frontier, but I know nothing about the Battle Frontier, or what types of Water Badges to make up. I have the rules of the league though which are:

1: Only enter the league with Water Pokemon
2: Only Bring Water Pokemon with you.
3: Must Have Misty's Badge before entering.
4: Win 8 Water Badges, using only Water Types in battle.
5: Beat the Elite 4 and the Water League Champion and become the Champion.

The Water Gym leaders will also use Water Types. So it will be water vs water. But this type of fic would be too hard for me to write. Would someone like to co-author it with me? It would help me out a lot.

Kairi's Water Card:

Edit: Forgot to mention that she keeps her Poliwag outside it's ball with her all the time. It's kinda her replacement of Pikachu. And for some reason her Poliwag never evolves.

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