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The first thing I read about a fangame is the blurb about the plot. 90% of the time, the blurb either has spelling error or is an overused cliche from top to bottom. Prophecies? Objects of power falling into the hands of evil organizations? Legendary Pokemon trying to save the world with the hero's help? I get a headache just thinking about it.

But what I really don't like is how few fangames get finished. I've been able to download, oh, maybe two. Yet there are dozens here on Pokecommunity. People are just so optimistic. Everyone likes making plots, designing maps, respriting things that don't need respriting. Yet everyone needs more scripters. Anyone see a problem with this? I don't know how any of the games in 'production' will ever get finished unless everyone involved joins forces on one game. Nintendo has dozens of people working on each Pokemon game. Most fangames have, oh, five, maximum, and they're all volunteers helping in their spare time.
I do agree but that's the problem with all fan made games. you can't really compere because we lack what they have. Nintendo pays there team big money to make games. Like you said they're all volunteers helping in their spare time. also you really think people would give up there leadership? Pokemon ekaiyo is the only fan game I've seen doing real work and here making a 3D mmo that look darn good.

Also I work for petsites which is no different from fan games and they the similar problems. They have lots of staff but no standards so you have skilled staff with less skill staff. You have half good work and half hardly decent work. That's why I quit my last fan pokemon game because it's kinda annoying when you have good stuff and have to post it next to sub par work. I mean it's not the artist fault for this. It is the game maker for takes help were ever he can. I know this can be really off putting when playing a game to. You don't mix yellow sprites with DP style sprite so why do it when it comes to custom sprites?