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    Warps only work for me if they're in front staircases or on doors. They won't work for me when I try connecting forest levels. Is there a restriction on warp events that will only allow them to work on certain tiles?

    Originally Posted by swampert249 View Post
    I do not get it! How do u insert d/p map tiles?
    Edited tilesets? Sections 3-4
    Originally Posted by link12552 View Post

    3) Create new tiles

    1. Click the puzzle piece.
    2. Go to Picture > Save tileset1 and Save tileset2
    3. Save them somewhere you can remember
    4. Open them in paint
    5. They should be in the palette color that was open, so set it accordingly
    6. Look for a black block on the bottom
    7. Draw your new tile
    8. Make sure that the colors you use are the same as other ones in the image

    [Can't include the picture in the quote because I haven't made 15+ posts D=]

    4) Insert those tiles

    1. Click the puzzle piece.
    2. Go to Picture > Load tileset1 and Load tileset2
    3. Select the image files
    4. Click save

    Also, when I went back, I think I found the answer to my question in section 6. Please disregard my n00b-ness
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