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Originally Posted by Autumn Skye View Post
I'm having yet another problem hacking Fire Red... It's about Running Shoes. diegoisawesome helped me before, but it screwed up again, and now not even he can get it to work. For some reason, though, it works perfectly when he uses it. But when I use it, it fails. Will someone please help me find out what's wrong with this?

#org 0x34ED0D
checkflag 0x82F
if 0x1 goto 0x834ED31
msgbox 0x834ED3C MSG_NORMAL '"Before I forget, put on your\nrunn..."
fanfare 0x13E
setflag 0x82F
msgbox 0x834ED6E MSG_NORMAL '"[black_fr]You put on your Running ..."

#org 0x34ED31
msgbox 0x834EDA2 MSG_NORMAL '"You already put on your Running Sh..."

' Strings
#org 0x34ED3C
= Before I forget, put on your\nrunning shoes, [player].

#org 0x34ED6E
= [black_fr]You put on your Running Shoes! Hold \nB to run!

#org 0x34EDA2
= You already put on your Running Shoes.
The script seems perfectly normal... what does not work?
Maybe you have alrerady used flag 0x82f in your rom?

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