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Nytkoi, you have a pretty solid game going on here. I'd like to post some suggestions/ideas/constructive crit, if you don't mind. I'm a fellow gamer, so they won't be nooby.

The overall game is pretty well done. It's structure is well, and the maps look pretty solid. Yet, I can see right through what you're doing. You're trying to give your maps a 'real' look. Even if this is a great look, it's hard to come by. Take a look at PokemonOI's Pokemon Malachite; I think he has the maps you're aiming for. Also, on to some other things. The tiles are pretty relevant recolors, but you might want to edit some of the shading here and there. Tiles are very important, as you hopefully already knew. Your game's graphics seem as solid as your maps, and guessing by your skill in graphic design, I'd say it's about to get better. I can also see you're trying to catch up with some of the other games in updates. That's fine as well. It's never bad to catch up. You're game is pretty good, but I think a block is starting to form on your road to finishing the game. Fakemon. I've taken a look at you're spriters; they aren't that active. I suggest you act fast. Also, now that you've found the light and understood how to make battles, that's pretty much all you need to do. I also think you might even be able to make a video sooner or later. Good luck.
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