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    Thank you for the reviews! Now, as is tradition here in the Fan Fic section, I shall reply! ^^

    The Ebon Blade (whew, it took me forever to find the "b" on my keyboard :P ), I'm afraid I couldn't find the word "gelly" anywhere. Would you mind quoting it?

    Yes, a little cliche (ergh, the little ' thing won't work in this box), The Unchosen One, but I tried to make it as original as I could. I'm glad you liked it. And I just assumed that if a certain Pokemon is on a route, its evolution would naturally be there, too. I know, I probably should pick a canon to follow the rules of. :/

    The next chapter should be up very quick (since I'm been finished with it for a couple of days, but I'm gonna wait a couple more before posting it), but the third chapter might not be so lucky, since I've only just started on it.
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