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    Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
    Actually, creating a worldmap in ruby is much easier than Fire Red, and simpler too.

    Simply Draw out your new map. (Being sure the map is of the same width and height as the origonal)
    Then make a tileset out of it conforming to the standard 4bpp format
    then load them into NTME, Cyclone, or PTC and put the map together like a puzzle.

    Then load the ROM into unLZgba and find the worldmap tles, and replace them with your own.
    Then find the World Map TileMap and do the same.

    That is to edit the appearance.
    Then load your game into Advance Map and open the World Map Data Editor, and change your map data according to your map's image, and Vioal! Magnifico! You are done!
    (Well, Aside from editing the pallet of colors that appear on your map... hehe.
    Yes, you can MODIFY the worldMap, but you cannot create a NEW ONE (like Ark_Silvanos wanted to do)
    the only tutorial i found for Ruby was only editing the existing map....not creating a new 1....

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