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    I'm fine with fan games, but when I see these things, it makes me want to puke:

    1. No name/Bad Name It's not hard to think of names! But I think that people should use other names besides Colours and gems.

    2. I hate to see this:

    Anonymous Person - Creator, Beta Tester/Idea Maker/Storyline developer

    That makes me sick. This means that the creator is LAZY and doesn't want to do any work. I HATE this. For those that do this, good luck getting volunteers.

    3. Over usage of Starter Kit: It's okay to get a little of a jump start from the starter kit, but if you just make maps and do nothing else, the game is gonna be crap. For those that are doing this, get some creativity and make the game FUN.

    4. No one knows how to script:

    With the exception of Wichu, poccil, etc. I don't see anyone else who scripts. I mean, I don't script right now, but I'm learning to script.
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