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Game: Fire Red
Type: Map Script (the one you set in a-map) guess it's called level script here
Editor: XSE
#org 0x8011E6
checkflag 0x3E9
if 0x1 goto 0x88011F1

#org 0x8011F1
movesprite 0x4 0x9 0xE
spritebehave 0x4 0x3
movesprite 0x1 0xA 0xC
spritebehave 0x1 0x3
movesprite 0x2 0x21 0xA
spritebehave 0x2 0x3
movesprite 0x3 0x22 0xA
spritebehave 0x3 0x3

What this should do is: after a certain event move the 4 person's blocking the road to certain spots on the map. However: the sprites won't move.
If I add setflag after the movesprite and enter the flag number in a map (like you do with hidesprite), the sprites dissapears.

What should I do to make the sprite move?