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This is not neccisarily a mapping error, but a scripting eror.

This happens when you put any new scripts in without using a new pionter for texts,

  • Open advance map save the map and add it to a fresh rom
  • Open all the scripts from the rom and look for problems in text/messages
  • Use advance map and correct the error.
To aviod the problem in the futture, use free space finder(s) to look for offsets to use. [/QUOTE]

"This happens when you put any new scripts in without using a new pionter for texts"

Fyi, I did not put any new script. All I adds was a couple of WARP. Eitherway, even I redo it again from a backup rom, the problem starts when I resize the map larger then it's original size. Which now, give you a hint that map resizing will not be 100% safe.

1. How do OPEN ALL SCRIPT from the ROM? Are you mean to say in the map itself or the whole entire rom? There's no program so far which I seen has that capability. Will you please elaborate.

2. The error which I have is coming from the Starting Introductions, and AMAP does not go that far. AMap only edit maps. How do I correct the error using AMap?

3. I've using #dynamic 0x800000 method for my scripting so FSF is quite useless for me. Even so, how do you actually calculate how much space you wanted for the new MAP?

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