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Originally Posted by Cy-Chan View Post
Quoted for emphasis.
Man, it'd be really cool if people who need script help checked out the scripting help thread.
The data starts at 459B60 for FR and 459580 for LG. Its just the hex numbers of the attacks. The compatibility is either before or after that data I can't remember which. It'll be a hex number like 9201, just put it in the calculator and convert to binary. It's just a bunch of binary switches.

Originally Posted by iPro. View Post
Okay, I put some trees on a mountain with the movement permission of 10, and I walk OVER the treetops, even though the background byte is set to 00. It works on C ground, but not there. Is this just bound to happen, or is there some way I can prevent it?
You can't unfortunately you'll just have to arrange it so that there is C on the tree tops. It should be possible in a lot of cases.