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    Can someone give me the unLZ numbers for the Badges in Emerald?
    I know there is a topic here about that, but they only give the number of the Battle Frontier Symbols (2525), not the regular Badges...

    And is there a way/tool to really edit the funcions of items?
    Like, can I make a Focus Sash or that kind of stuff in Emerald?

    Also, how can I edit the Trainer Battle intro? (Pokémon emerald)
    I want to edit the big "Team Aqua sign" that flashes when you battle a Team Aqua member.
    I mean the logo that flashes right before you start the Trainer Battle.
    Is it editable in unLZ? If so, what is the number? I've searched unLz a coupl of times already, but I can't seem to find the logo...