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    Originally Posted by jimmyjoejohnson View Post
    What is this written in? Yes, all of a sudden I am interested in writing programs.
    You do know that you could either read the first post for that information or download the source and see for your self. If you are too lazy to do that, I doubt you can help programming this.

    By the way:
    Originally Posted by score_under
    Tech stuff:
    PKSV is a GPL-licenced decompiler and compiler for Pokémon Advance ROMs, currently with only one developer - me!
    If you get PKSVUI, there are 2 executables: pksvui.exe is the frontend (the graphical IDE) and pksv.exe is the backend.
    It is programmed in a mixture of C and ASM, and compiled with MinGW (and passing the -O2 switch to the compiler which reduces filesize, at the expense of being slightly more difficult to debug).
    If anyone wanted to know, that annoying crashing bug was a result of a misplaced addition (supposed to be inside an "if") causing memory 1 byte after the command-line argument list to be read. This didn't crash most XPSP2 computers, but caused serious problems on some others.
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