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    Originally Posted by AlexAhnon View Post
    Firered just to say it!

    I don't know if this is a simple question and i have tried to search too. When i make a warp script, i want to warp to a new map and the number is 3.66, 1 more than 65 which is the normal amount in advanced map because i inserted a new map but a black screen comes and nothing else when i try, every map else works fine without the new created ones? Whats wrong? How do i fix this?
    maybe you've made a common mistake... in a script, the command for warp in your case is:
    warp 0x3 66 (NOT 0x66) ... ... ...
    in fact 0x66 means 66 in Hex, 66 instead means 66 in decimal (like A.Map's map you've inserted)

    Originally Posted by iPro. View Post
    Alright, that's cool. You just be hatin' on me, that's a'ight. For your scripting problem, you may want to try XSE, it has a really easy compile function, that is built into the program itself. It also has a lot of extras, making it, IMO, a better scripting program than Pokescript. As for your other problem, there's nothing you can do but read tuts. Anybody here will tell you that. Don't go around insulting people that are trying to help you. Have a nice day
    I quote with you... XSE is definetly the best

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