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    Originally Posted by pokemew View Post
    can u check my thread for them as i have a lot of them
    I'm interested in this one: Shiny Timid Buizel (characteristic plz?)
    Originally Posted by Master Gamer 491 View Post
    -UT Shiny Pokebox Skitty lv.5 w/pay day

    NOA Events:
    -UT Heracross lv.1 OT: Tom ID: 24974
    -UT Psyduck lv.1 OT: ジュン ID: 05458
    -UT Psyduck lv.1 OT: けん ID: 38793
    -UT Psyduck lv.1 OT: しげしげ ID: 53437

    Pick a reasonable # of events from my trade thread for these.
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