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    My my my... my first two months bump! And in my own thread! Yay! **cake time**

    Well... this chapter was finished in December, then I had my trusty Betareader betaread it, which took some time, too, and when he returned it to me, I was going through a very nasty illness from which I haven't yet fully recovered. Due to this all my other works (fanfiction and RL) have been halted or going in really slow-mo for some time.

    But I've been greenlit for a couple of days thanks to the Miracles of Modern Chemistry, and my brain seems to be functioning again, so here I'm posting Chapter 2 of Elusive Goals for those who had almost forgot this story existed...

    Did I warn you, my faithful readers, that I like to write long? This chapter is 5250 words long, about 10 pages in my word processor. Lots of thanks to Censored who has somehow survived this checking, has patiently waited for me to hand him every section, and shows no signs of dementia yet, only having some microburst he has authorized me to quote, when I started sending him every section ending in a kind of cliffhanger:
    Originally Posted by Censored
    Damn you and your waiting.
    Note, this one delay is essentially my fault...

    By all means, feel free to review constructively. I mean, come on, Xanthine did it, so why can't you? Just remember, if you read this story and you like it, show your support. I'll really need it.

    And because I write soooooo long, here let me recap some of the previous events before continuing. Last time we saw Darius Mezze, he was granted an interview with the mysterious Leader of Team Rocket. This individual handed him and his contact agent, Syd, a special mission that would allow, if completed, for Darius to become an Admin of Team Rocket. The mission is to rise to the Indigo Tournament, fight and defeat in combat a specific Trainer who has been lost for some years... and who happens to be an old friend of Darius, Lou Varan.

    What is the misson really about? Why was Darius chosen for this? Why has Lou been missing?

    Oh well... Let's go back to business, shall we? I'll stop talking and let the story unfold. Let's continue then with...

    Chatper 2: Light Debriefing

    Syd got out of the elevator and walked across the corridor leading to the training facilities. He was carrying two cases, one in each hand. One of these was intended for him, and contained several documents, a fake passport, and three Poké Balls. The second one was intended for Darius, and it was exactly like the first case, save for the fact that it contained no Poké Balls.

    Two other men in Rocket uniform passed by, saluting him; Syd could only nod and continue walking, listening to them talk excitedly about the upcoming large-scale project of Team Rocket. He reached the entrance of the training area and flashed his ID card to the guard, who greeted him by name.

    “The man we brought from Viridian,” he asked the guard, “where is he?”

    “Let me see...” answered the man while checking some documents. “He signed in for the shooting arena half an hour ago.”

    Syd nodded and entered the area, taking a road downhill to a large field. He noticed the young with blue hair sitting in a bench, a Linoone sleeping at his side. Some steps away, a large alligator-like Pokémon was stretching and getting itself ready for the target practice.

    Syd reached the benches as Darius had just introduced a bronze coin into a machine nearby. The Feraligatr leered from his position as a green-and-brown machine sporting a small cannon emerged a good distance away.

    “Ready, Feraligatr?” yelled Darius. The Pokémon raised one of its arms in response, and then assumed its battle stance. Darius pushed a red button in the machine. “Go, then.” he ordered.

    The machine powered up, with a strong noise, and after a while, two shots were heard. Two pink discuses flew over Feraligatr, who opened its mouth to release a powerful stream of water. The attack squarely impacted one of the discs, shattering into pieces, but it could not reach the second disc, which fell to the ground beyond to the opposite side of the arena.

    “Rhaaa....?” growled Feraligatr, slightly surprised. Something along the lines of “that's not how it should turn out”, that was what Darius could interpret. The Pokémon quickly resumed battle stance, and charged water beforehand. Two more discuses flew by, and the first one was shattered into pieces. Feraligatr charged water again, and shot at the second disc, but the stream fell short, unable to reach the second discus. Two faint growls (one Pokémon, the other human) followed. Six more shots, and three failed attempts later, Darius raised his voice:

    “Feraligatr, calm down,” he ordered, returning to the bench, “use less water. Shoot quickly, understood?”

    The Pokémon nodded and waited for the next shots. As the pink discs flew over its head, one of them was shattered into pieces by a small jet of water. The second was hit awkwardly, and spiraled to the ground, shattering upon impact.

    Darius noticed Syd was sitting close to him. He yelled again: “Keep trying, Feraligatr, until I recall you.” After that, Darius leaned his head back, and Syd approached to sit by his side, handing him a soda.

    “Is everything OK?” questioned Syd, remembering the incident with the trash can.

    Darius grabbed the can and drank the contents in silence while Feraligatr kept shooting water jets and missing the second discus on every try. Syd looked up and then let his sight wander, waiting for an answer. He was not in a hurry, he could tell from experience that there was a story behind the behaviour he had witnessed.

    “The information they handed us,” explained Darius, almost talking to himself, “it is useless.”

    Useless?” asked Syd, confused. “The data was collected by one of our cells in Hoenn. Do you...” Syd frowned, addressing Darius in a more bashful tone, “do you know something we don't?”

    “How could I?” mumbled Darius, a smile barely drawn on his face. “I haven't seen him in... how long? Three years?” he continued, still essentially talking to himself.

    “So? Don't you need to know...?”

    The sound of the metal can hitting a trash can besides the bench and then the ground beneath it, interrupted them. Darius winced and leaned to the left to see the can on the ground. He tried to pick it up, but changed his mind and returned to his previous posture. Two more attempts by Feraligatr failed miserably.

    “I was friends with him. Or something...” Darius explained, in a low voice. “And we are not standard trainers: I am a Racer, competing in Pokémon Leagues only to keep my other Pokémon in shape.” Darius said this bluntly and with a hard voice, which from years of experience Syd knew it was a prerecorded subconscious speech. “As for Lou, he is... well... a Ranger of sorts. Not only do we not fight like ordinary trainers, but we are both aware that the other knows it, too.”

    Syd was the one to frown this time. He had managed to read some of the documents before they had turned to ashes. They mentioned nothing about Lou being a Ranger. Nothing about Lou and Darius being friends. And actually nothing about his battle strategy. He tried to connect the dots in his mind, but there was some things missing. “That's a great job by the Hoenn intel advance...” he sarcastically reminded to himself.

    Darius was not one to blame. Hesitantly, Syd admitted neither of them was being sharing enough to each other. Darius may be hiding something, but Syd had another problem: there were things about the mission he simply did not know.

    He was about to open his mouth and try to explain, but suddenly Darius kicked the leg of the bench and asked, in a somewhat chastising voice:

    “You know Rummel Gerk is to enter the Tournament this year, don't you?”

    “The candidate to Championship, yes...” answered Syd automatically, interrupting himself when something in his brain ringed a bell. The name allowed him to connect the dots, not only as for what would Darius be hiding, but also what was missing from the mission.

    Rummel Gerk, 21, from some place called Fallarbor, had proven to be very capable, extremely powerful, and uncanny smart. The current head of the Elite Four had stated on television that he was to challenge Rummel personally would he become the Tournament Champion, instead of the tradition dictating that the Champion could challenge the Elite Four if he wanted to. But for Syd, Rummel's Earth Badge was proof of his power more than enough.

    “Lou and I don't stand much of a chance to get to the finals...” mumbled Darius, while he was trying to pull the can closer to him with one of his feet. “Your boss would have it better hiring Rummel if he wanted a battle.”

    “You did well in the Gym challenges,” interrupted Syd, almost as if trying to comfort him, and leaving a space between his words as two other discs flew by, “and he has done well, too.” Obviously, he was referring to Lou.

    For an answer, Darius grinned evilly and lowered his head a little. “So it is not a battle what your people want.” As he said this, he turned to Syd, asking, “What's all of this, really?”

    Syd leaned back, looking at Darius' turned face, heard two other discus flying over, and then rolled his head to watch the world around him. The facilities. One pink discus being crushed by a water stream. A Linoone to his right, laying in the ground, eyeing at him, and to the left Darius, pretty much doing the same. And behind him, even though he could not see, what it had been his life for the last fifteen years.

    It had no sense to keep hiding things anymore, thought Syd. It was better for both of them if he acknowledged what he knew... and what he didn't. He started by raising one hand, slowly, his palm facing him, and motioned Darius to come closer, to which Darius answered by doing so.

    “This will be my last mission for Team Rocket.” he said.

    Darius' eyes became larger, the smile in his face gone. Syd breathed heavily. It was time to set some things clear, he said to himself, to make sure his near future would carry out as intended.

    “First, kid, no one else knows. Are we clear?”

    Syd looked at Darius straight to the eyes, to which Darius answered with a nod. With that, Syd leaned back on the bench. “Second, then, I guess you heard our Leader when he told you, I am among the long lasting operatives of Team Rocket.”

    “Yeah,” answered Darius, “fifteen years or so, if I am not mistaken...”

    “I started with a mission like everyone else does,” he said with a smirk, “but in time, it became obvious I was very good at choosing partners... so I was promoted to Admin, as a treasure hunter of sorts.” After saying this, Syd bowed his head only slightly enough to see the ample training area before him. “But I'm getting older, no longer apt for field missions.”

    “With 'field' you mean...”

    “The kind of mission where you either return or do not.” filled in Syd, dully smiling. “Now I am someone who tells others what to do. So I asked for this mission, to be your designated contact agent.”


    Syd shrugged, shifted position on the bench, and let his sight wander for a while, as two discuses were shattered in pieces nearby. Feraligatr had finally made two targets in a row. Darius watched his Pokémon struggle for a while, unable to repeat the feat for the next six shots. Just then, a beep from the machine indicated there were no more discuses available.

    “That was good, Feraligatr!” called Darius, rising his left hand to give a nonverbal order to his Pokémon. “Rest for a while. Linoone,” he said while leaning forward, to see his other Pokémon still lying besides Syd, “go there and spar with him for a while, would you?”

    Linoone yawned, blinked a couple of times, stretched its legs, and stood up to leap forward once, twice, thrice, to reach Feraligatr. The two Pokémon greeted each other in their own, unintelligible language, and suddenly engaged in a complicated dance of always missing, but nonetheless fully intentional attacks.

    “I thought...” continued Darius, in a low voice, this time addressing the human interlocutor, “you were supposed to give us orders...”

    “The Leader would have never approved of something like this, he said... it was too dangerous... for me.” answered Syd, hesitantly talking about who seemed to be a long time friend. “Anyways, I thought I was to spend the mission behind a desk again, until I heard about you from one of our minor scouts.”

    “Me? Why?”

    “Because it would be great if you could somehow get involved in this.”

    “So you included me in your plan?”

    “No... It's not mine.”

    Darius remained silent for a while, thinking about how he had come under Team Rocket's attention. Why would they approach a relatively famous sportsman, anyways? Recalling the previous interview, he mumbled: “Your Leader... he wanted to meet me.”

    “Right.” The monosyllable came hard and emotionless from Syd's mouth, which then let out a faint, almost forged smile. “I offered the Leader a deal, to have you interview with him if you could reach us on your own.”

    Darius nodded and deviated his attention briefly. “In exchange, you got the field, then...” He watched Feraligatr and Linoone still playing. Linoone was trying to circle the alligator Pokémon, looking for a good attack angle, but Feraligatr was not making it easy, swirling its tail up and down and in the same direction he was turning, with notorious agility for a Pokémon his size, and forcing Linoone to switch directions after every couple of steps. Darius smiled to himself: Linoone was soon too fed up of that.

    After a while, Syd resumed his speech. “I thought you would be a good candidate anyways, when the first set of mission profiles came to me.” he explained, focusing on the recent events, tilting his head left and right, incessantly. “All that was needed was reconnaissance and a battle against 'someone'... And because we had not received the profile from our Hoenn advance yet, we did not know who Lou was, or that you two had met each other.”

    “That...” said Darius, “I would call quite a coincidence.”

    “More like a bonus prize,” Syd countered, with what seemed almost a burst of irony. “When you got your eighth Badge, I knew I had attained a chance to work in the field again, and I was all too happy until...”

    Darius looked at Syd, who had stopped himself hard, his head still tilting forth and back from his point of view. “Until?” Darius asked, with a respectful but curious tone.

    “Well... I talked to the other contact agents before coming here...” Syd said, obviously worried, the tilting of his head slower but more pronounced, and his hands interlocked, raided close to his chin, as if he was praying. Then he added: “The four mission profiles are incomplete.”

    “Incomplete...” repeated Darius, not understanding the meaning of the sentence.

    Syd nodded, and looked at how Darius was watching him, waiting for him to continue. “Of course”, thought Syd. “What is a law-abiding adolescent to know about the risks and the betrayals that hide behind an incomplete mission notice?” Syd felt a dark thought forming in his mind, he knew what it was but he did not want to actually know. He shook his head to get rid of it, and then he relaxed, and turned his head to Darius, adding in a most authoritative voice: “And that is all I can tell you.”

    Darius blinked, as if released from a spell, and answered, “Yeah. I get it.”

    Of course, he didn't.

    “Out of all this mess,” continued Syd, “the idea is that I'll help you reach the Indigo League, and then you must put up quite a good show when fighting Lou. Why? I don't know.” He strengthened this claim by shaking his head a no. “If we feel there is something fishy, we'll have to handle it ourselves. What may that be? Again, I don't know.” He emphasized this part again, but shaking his head slowly. Finally, he added: “And even after we learn... we must pretend we didn't.”

    “Got it,” answered Darius. That part he did.

    With that, the two of them leaned back on the bench. Linoone was growling madly, as Feraligatr had managed to step on one of its forelegs. The alligator Pokémon answered with something between a smirk and a frown, difficult for Darius to interpret in the facial features of a Pokémon. But they were still having fun.

    Syd, on the other hand, rested, whistling some tunes and turning his head every couple of minutes to check on a group of Rockets in training, led by an officer in kaqui, trotting around the training area, quite tired but still singing a cadence that brought Syd lots of pleasant memories. He had composed that song as an anthem for Team Rocket... so many years ago. At the third leap or so, Syd noticed the shadows of the running men almost reached the bench: dusk was coming, the time to return to the city.

    Before going, however, he ventured a last question. “So, how long have Lou and you known each other?”

    It took almost a full minute before Darius answered. “Too long.”

    “After or before the earthquake?” Syd remarked, thinking back to a newspaper he read some years ago.

    Darius remained silent for a moment, thinking back to the times when he has a kid, only ten or so when half of his homeland was devastated by a tremendous earthquake, more like an hecatomb. The memories were foggy in his head, but he remembered clearly that, next week, when he and his parent visited an institute as part of a charity campaign, he met three kids who were taking care of several Pokémon.

    He quickly dismissed the thoughts when the name of Lou came to his mind. He stood up as Linoone had managed to clamp Feraligatr's tail between its jaws, and the reptilian Pokémon was trying to shake its opponent off, when a call from their Trainer calmed them down. As the two Pokémon stood in the ground with their best happy faces, two red beams returned them to their Poké Balls.

    Darius attached the Poké Balls to his belt and gave Syd a “finished?” look. Shrugging, Syd stood up and led Darius up the stairs, giving him a “you'll tell me later” stare.

    Viridian City, 21:45 the same day.

    Quiay, the receptionist, was watching the news on the wide plasma behind her seat. Alona, her partner, was signing some documents and checking the outer lights when she distinguished a man entering the building. Blue-haired, tall, tan, and carrying an extra suitcase.

    “Good evening, Mr. Mezze,” she saluted, bowing to the guest. As she did, Quiay noticed Darius entering, too, and turned to face him, saluting him too.

    The young man saluted back and turned to the stairs, walking in silence.

    “Uh... Sir?” called him Alona, trying to sound innocent. “Your case?”

    Darius turned back, in silence, with surprise in his eyes, and blinked a couple of times.

    “You have to register it.” remarked the receptionist, while pointing her finger to the metal case. “Security procedure.”

    “Oh...” mumbled Darius, trying to elaborate as he held the case higher. “This? Sorry, my bad... I should actually turn this at the Poké Mart...” he added, as he checked his watch, “before they close.”

    “Sure, Sir. Are you coming back?” the woman asked, feigning disinterest.

    “Yeah, it shouldn't take long...” answered Darius, while waiving a half-goodbye to the receptionists, before disappearing again beyond the outer stairs.

    Quiay sat down again and turned to face the TV. She saw an interesting headline in the news marquee, and quickly zapped her way to HBC (Hoenn Broadcasting Corporation). Alona continued to sign the reports of the day.

    “... in the case of the 'Tubebomber' who hit six facilities in Hoenn months ago...” explained a female reporter, standing in front of an occupied marble staircase, “the Emisrean ambassador has repeated, once aga--.” The woman struggled, as some of the crowd pushed her, an army of cameras following a man in a blue suit. The reporter managed to recover her balance, as did her cameraman, and quickly resumed her speech: “... He has announced again that there is no, and I quote, 'no relationship whatsoever' with the six‑years‑in‑a‑row chain of bombings in Emisre.”

    The voice (in off) of the anchorwoman interrupted her. “Laura, what about the bombing in Rustboro two months ago?” the woman pushed one of her hands to her ear, apparently to fix the incoming audio signal. “Devon Corporation was supposed to be the bomber's target, following the attacks against corporate buildings in Emisre.

    “Again, no words... just the claims of eco-terrorism. As of now, we can only wait. Back to you.”

    Thanks, Laura. Now we go to Fallarbor Town to an interview with the parents of Rummel Gerk. Daniel, our resident Championship reporter, brings them the big news...

    Darius found a somewhat hidden place in a park, and released Feraligatr from its Poké Ball. As soon as the Pokémon materialised, Darius left the case in the ground besides them, and looked up to his partner.

    “Buddy, I need something from you. Can you watch this for the night?” he asked, pointing to the case.

    Feraligatr growled heavily, and lowered its head to Darius' level, as if asking why. Darius tried to interpret whether his Pokémon was angry or surprised at the petition, but because of the lack of light he could not make out the Pokémon's expression.

    “I'll come tomorrow early. I promise. Just... make sure no one takes it. Please?”

    The alligator Pokémon opened its jaws a bit, letting Darius get a glimpse of the rows of teeth as it leaned slightly over his head. That expression Darius could make out well.

    “Yeah, I'll compensate you. I'll get you a nice habitat in the Plateau.”

    Darius looked in every direction to check if there was someone else, and, once convinced they were alone, he got closer to his Pokémon and hugged it. “Good night, friend.”

    He let go and turned back leave in silence, watching back every couple of steps, until he disappeared from sight.

    Feraligatr picked the case with his jaw, walking closer to a tree and leaving the case on the soft grass. After that, and for pretty much the remainder of the night, the blue Pokémon would do nothing more than circle the tree, incessantly, roaring the curious Weedle away.

    Far from there... somewhere in Hoenn....

    In a dark hospital room, a body lay in a bed, periodic beeps from a heart monitor his sole company.

    The door opened and a young and very tall blond nurse entered the room.

    “Oh, are you a rela--”

    The nurse stopped as she realised the room was, except for the patient, empty. She could have sworn... She walked in to check every device and wire attached to the resting body, took some readings and left the room, mumbling something about “too many shifts”.

    She met one of her colleagues leaving another room. They walked across the corridor, talking about their work. Had they turned to the windows, they would have noticed the yellow, wolf-like head branded with a star, of a Pokémon watching from the opposite wing of the hospital.

    Contemplating the city down the hill, a woman stood beneath a tree. She was dressed in black, and had a long, purple hair that flowed peacefully down to her waist, just like the short grass did with the soft winds. She buffed, her silver eyes scouting the city which she wanted to leave so badly. She turned back and folded her black cape, branded with a design of an upside-down leaf in yellow, holding it as she walked to the tree, her snow boots killing her at every step.

    Come on... Trina... I know it takes long, but... like this?” inquired the female in her mind.

    A grave female voice resonated in her mind: «I'm already here.» The woman closed her eyes as a bright light appeared out of nowhere, opening them a couple of seconds later to reveal her Kadabra.

    “Trina... about time! What did you find?” asked the woman.

    “Kadabra,” answered her Pokémon, raising one of her arms and touching the woman's forehead. «Human stuff. You better see what I saw.»

    The woman closed her eyes, as the Pokémon released an azure gloom. In her mind, the woman had its senses filled with the information Trina had collected from her session. She felt as if she was being dragged by a very long and narrow tunnel, devoid of sensations, towards a man in a bed, and had to struggle for a while to regain her focus. She felt fifty-five suns and moons circling the sky Eastwards, in succession, coming to a stop to reveal a column of smoke somewhere in the city downtown.

    Her mind hovered over the city, towards a truck parked over a street. To three men in casual attire, watching a computer. Images of known landmarks appearing on its screen. Hoenn... Sinnoh... her home land of Emisre. The men addressing formally to each other... Agents, apparently... for whom?

    Trina's mind seemed to twist as time skipped forward to that night, with a sensation of anger, surprise and commitment. She opened the eyes of the mind to reveal a new view of the world, from the agent's perspective. A clandestine TV signal, a terrorist proclamation that called her attention to her own memories of a once beautiful valley, reduced to a wasteland. A room with a flag, on it an upside-down yellow leaf, and several tubular devices attached to explosives. The agent and two of his partners loading their weapons as they entered the emergency staircase... only to meet a white light and an omnipresent pain.

    The woman convulsed from the foreign pain as she felt flooded by scrambled memories: “an entire life before one's eyes”, as says the myth. Trina guided her trainer's mind away, even further back in time, to the same memory and senses, twice as many suns and moons before. An image appearing on‑screen, with labels... from “Suspect” to “Murderer” to “Terrorist”... and the key event.

    Footsteps ascending a narrow staircase, to a rooftop lit only by the moonlight. A young man, his brown hair patched with grey, wearing a black vest with a yellow upside-down leaf pattern... running away from the agents, his left hand holding a tubular device. The agent, his partners, and two dark-blue wolf‑like Pokémon with yellow manes on the follow. The man, leaping to the void, and the agent approaching to the roof's edge, to see him caught mid-air by the vines of an Ivysaur awaiting below. A sudden beam of light from a chopper above, two thunderbolts missing the fugitive, a Poké Ball opening somewhere, and the pain in the ears of the agent, who tripped and fell down from the building, to unconsciousness, Trina's link with the past broken.

    The female trainer still had her eyes closed, but was shaking and sweating from pain and hate that weren't her own, breathing with difficulty. It took her a while to calm down and open her now wet eyes, taking a couple of steps back to lean against the tree.

    Are you sure it was him?” she asked, telepathically.

    «I am very sure. I registered his essence... when you welcomed him to our group...» Trina's voice shut in her trainer's mind, apparently ashamed, as if she had blamed the human of something ineluctable.

    Suddenly, the female trainer felt a strong headache and fell to the ground. Trina did, too, coughing heavily. Their mind link was broken. The woman lay down, eyes facing the ground, silent to the outer world but a raging storm in her mind.

    “How long ago... is this that you scouted?”

    She saw her Kadabra trying to focus, but it was costing her every breath. Finally, the Pokémon raised her free hand and drew a figure in the air.

    “Four months... poor agent....”

    “Daaa...” mumbled Trina, waving her hand as if to erase the number. The trainer watched carefully as the Pokémon drew another, simpler number, this time a two, in the air.

    “Two months... Oh, you mean the bombing, then? So... it was the chase, four months ago?”

    “Kadabra!” gasped the Pokémon, nodding firmly, before coming closer to sit alongside her Trainer.

    “I knew it!” the woman shouted, opening her eyes wide and punching the air in front of her, causing Trina to fall to one side out of surprise. Her trainer approached her to pat her head. “I'm sorry. It's just... thinking that he may be safe.”

    «I know too, now, thanks...» mumbled Trina telepathically, in a sarcastic tone, shutting the communication down immediately.

    “The signature of the bomber was altered, too...”

    Trina, for an answer, raised her head away from her trainer's petting, looking away. After a couple of deep breaths, she gestured with her spoon, branding it like a gun. Her trainer interpreted that as an indication that there had to be violence.

    “No, he wouldn't....” said the woman, nodding as she released her cape and waved her hair again.

    “Ka...da.. bra...” added Trina in a grave tone, the middle syllable particularly stressed, as she pointed with her other hand to the star on her forehead: the Kadabra's universal way of reminding humans they could read their thoughts. The trainer read it as a “don't dare lie to me.

    “No...” The woman looked at her Kadabra, and, added, “I know, too, thanks.” After that she closed her eyes and rested for a while. The pair remained there, recovering their strength, and after a while the Trainer felt the psychic link forming again, much weaker than before.

    «I saw strange words... about some... specialised people.»

    Specialised...? Where?

    «A document... Some wo--» the contact was broken for a second as Trina gasped. « ...words... 'foreign'... 'rocket'... 'hit team'. I don't a-a-understand the la-last... What does it mean?»

    Hit team. The woman trembled for a while, but managed to regain her demeanour as she watched her Pokémon cough a little bit more.

    Trina recovered and locked eyes with her Trainer. In her eyes, she could read the hidden meaning behind the words. She remembered the brown-haired man. And she felt something a Human would classify as worry... but not exactly for him.

    “Is there anything more recent?” asked the silver-eyed Trainer, attempting vainly to hide the worry she shared with her Pokémon.

    «No...that mind is a-a-a... a mess... But Lou was here four months ago. Would he hide?»

    “No...” the woman spoke. “I don't think so. He said he had something else to do.” answered the woman, attempting to sort out some fragments of knowledge, both hers and the agent's, roaming in her mind. “Let me see... something public...”

    “Kadabra?” questioned Trina, as she seemed to comprehend the arising question. She projected some simple concepts onto her trainer's mind: «Public? Competition. Trainers. Kanto.»

    The woman nodded, acknowledging the message, and rested for a little longer. It was not very long, however, because Trina lifted herself with her psychic power, and after a moment of stillness, the Pokémon stated plainly:

    «I'm calling,, now...»

    “No!” yelled the woman, standing up again and reaching to her Pokémon. “We can do that later, you are very tired.” Then she added, looking away: “We must trace that team!”

    Trina raised one eyebrow and leaned forwards: «Are we to travel?» she asked, telepathically anticipating.

    The woman turned to her Pokémon, laughing nervously. She knew what was to come. “Yes, we are. Teleport us to the city. I'll buy tickets to Slateport.”

    «In a moment...» answered Trina, still very tired.

    “You will rest there, while I summon forth the team. We'll enjoy a ship ride, how nice is that?”

    «Very nice.» nodded the yellow Pokémon. «I want to hear the herds of Lapras singing again.»

    The woman, however, didn't seem to notice the words. She took a couple of steps down the hill, leaving the shadow of the tree.

    Trina tilted her head and smiled. But she was worried deep inside. Still she kept it for herself. Feeling her strength return, she raised her arms, her body glowing white for a while until both she and her Trainer vanished into the light, leaving only some sparks behind.

    You can go to the Table of Contents or wait for the next chapter, which I hope won't take as long as this one.

    Have a looooong, pleasant reading.
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