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I thought it would be lost...

That I wouldn't be able to write for quite a while...

But all those pills with complicated names have proven again, the Miracles of Modern Chemistry!

I mean, I am not fully healed yet... but I was greenlit to go back home for the week and spend some quality time with my word processor and my tusty Beta Reader. I thank Censored for being so patient and so... well... handy.

So... here it is...

Last time we saw Darius Mezze, he was granted an interview with the mysterious Leader of Team Rocket. This individual handed him and his contact agent, Syd, a special mission that would allow, if completed, for Darius to become an Admin of Team Rocket. The mission is to rise to the Indigo Tournament, fight and defeat in combat a specific Trainer who has been lost for some years... and who happens to be an old friend of Darius, Lou Varan.

And then came the questions. Why me? Why him? Why this mission? Is this really the mission?

Let's follow famous sportsman Darius Mezze as he tries to make out what is going on behind this offer of a lifetime...

     “Elusive Goals”, Chapter 2: "Light Debriefing"

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