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Originally Posted by Ninja Caterpie View Post
Fantastic. But that does the same thing as italics. :\ Although... We'll see how it works before anyone complains. xD
The problem that I could see with the italics when I read it was that the story itself used italics for thoughts, and Xanthine used italics to set the story off from the MST commentary. So no one could be sure what was going on.

Um, we'll poke around with things like coding, because I know that's one reason why we have to figure things out. Coding the whole thing (since the cut-off is twenty-five pages for the fic alone and when you add in the commentary... EESH!) is a pain in the bloody arse so yeah...

Of course, the different font things would need a lot of coding because it would go:


Andy: *says something retarded like he normally does*

It's not too much of a pain to do that then, but that's just a small sample compared to a full thing. But it's still the size and font coding for the commentary.

Yeah, we'll poke around with things and bounce around ideas. Keep the ideas coming if you people can come up with something better. Which you probably can. XD And we'll try things out.

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