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Originally Posted by DarkPersian479 View Post
Caution: This review may contain sharp edges.
Thanks for the warning.
Other money-stealing agencies, huh? Like Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC for example? Wow... if you can't trust a seemingly nice guy like Bernie, I guess you certainly can't trust guys with oversized mallets.
Depends... is this Bernard available in Orre?
I guess desperate financial times drive people to do crazy stuff like that.
It sure does, I suppose. XD
Wow, I didn't realize he was old enough to be living in Agate, lol
He's crazy enough.
Ah, nice pun on the guy's name XD
Was wondering if someone would comment on that. Nice pick.
Oh, yes, fat Pikachu FTW. Her diet might explain why she gets pwned by Skrub's Hitmontop despite the level advantage.
Yeah, that needs some explaining. Although in the game it always does darn Quick Attack, so it's no wonder.

Anyways, thanks once again for the great review. =)