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    Originally Posted by Cy-Chan View Post
    Nice tutorial. A long-ass method of returning the Pokémon would be to save the Pokémon's statistics into RAM (copybyte) at the end of this script, and then to copyvar them back in a different script.
    Not necessarily. You could just go with a software interrupt or a DMA transfer, Although I've never really used the DMA transfers much.
    But if you went that way, there isn't too much point in going with removing the Pokemon through ways of the in built scripting engine thing, you'd just go with this way.

    Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
    ... so I gotta ask, do you know how to copy [Buffer1] to a varialbe? (Like LASTRESULT or 0x8008?)
    A variable's length is only two bytes long. Buffer1, if I'm not mistaken is a string. Unless the length of buffer1 is only two characters long, a copy from a buffer to a variable isn't what you want.

    Then again, I haven't done too much lately and I could be wrong.
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