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Originally Posted by jimmyjoejohnson View Post
how might one check the pokedex progress?
Just inspect the Oak script in FR/LG or the Birch script in R/S/E.

Originally Posted by Mourgrim View Post
I must thank you for compiling this guide. I have just started my 'pursuit' in learning how to hack a pokemon game (A friend and I are starting with FireRed) and this tutorial will be a great help.

Thanks to thethethethe, you, and of course HackMew.
Originally Posted by blkmagic445 View Post
wow this tutorial is incredible! i now understand how to script thank you! now if only i knew how to use connection points in advance map lol
Originally Posted by night_demon View Post
hey thanks bra, every one says use boxset but u had that other thing i dont wann look right now and now it works thanks man also the whole 0x0 at the end of the msgbox also helped so thanks alot good tutorial im book markign this **** cause no way ima remeber it all
Originally Posted by sab View Post
this is the biggst tut I've seen for xse!! It covers tons of stuff!!
You're all welcome!

Originally Posted by madarawolf View Post
I am having problems scripting with xse. I made the script using this tutorial for a sign and when I go to compile it, it says that there is a missing parameter on line 5 [email protected] So I wondered what that was about.
Replace that line with:
msgbox @sign 0x3
And if you have a boxset under that, delete it.

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