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This story should be suitable for pretty much everybody. xD

Hello, people of Pokecommunity! I have written a fanfic a while ago, and posted it in some other places. I remembered it was Friday again today (the day I always updated) and that I needed to post it somewhere before next week came - so, here I am. So, we embark on a magical journey of hope and wonder little trip to a little fixfic world of Pokemon... (I'm not sure if it really matters to you, but this is my first story.)

Reviews welcomed and loved.

Please note that, despite what the prologue looks like, this is not a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fic...

Personality Quiz
(the prologue - the part before a story begins, which in this case explains how the main characters got to where they were)

“A Ditto,” came the words vibrating from a pink blob of shapeless mass.

It was with an Arcanine, in a white box-shaped room. There was no windows, no doors, and no lighting except for a fire in a pit created by the Arcanine so that his interrogate could see anything. Usually, not being able to see their surroundings unnerves humans. It was fairly annoying, in the large dog Pokemon’s opinion.

“Well, you can’t take the form of a human anymore, can you? So, in order to give you some sort of form without a true Pokemon, you are now a Ditto. If you hated it, it won’t last for long,” A gruff voice retorted. The Arcanine glowered disapprovingly at the Ditto. He was making full use of his height advantage to try and make the creature nervous, even though it was completely obvious that intimidation would never work on this one.

A large dog Pokemon stood in front of the Ditto. It was mostly covered by a large, fluffy mass of cream fur, but orange fur striped with black was visible in some places. Broad paws supported this large mass of fluff and bone, and orange dog ears perked up from its snouted face. Said face had a snout covered by more cream fur, and a large tuft of cream-colored hair above its eyes. Its tail was composed of – surprise, surprise – cream-colored fur. The Arcanine was not amused.

“Point taken,” The Ditto said emotionlessly.

“Right, then. My assistant briefed you on the process we will be going through, correct?” The Arcanine lowered his head slightly.

“If your ‘assistant’ was the Growlithe that was standing in your position before you were, then no. He acted completely mute.” The Ditto said, keeping the emotionless tone.

“Really. Then I suppose I shall explain to you myself.” The Arcanine sighed and recited something he had clearly memorized by heart.

“I am going to give you a personality quiz – yes, yes. A personality quiz. Even if you have barely any personality at all.” The Arcanine frowned disapprovingly at this point, and sighed softly before continuing. “Even though the questions may seem outlandish and very random, they will play a part in choosing which Pokemon you will be serving your… visit… as. When it is time for you to return to your respective world, rest assured we will find a way. Any attempt to come back early will result in terrible punishment. Do you understand?”

“I do.”

“Good. There will be eleven questions on this test… think especially hard about the last one.”

“And why am I required to do that?” The Ditto asked, not dropping the blank tone.

The Arcanine’s reply to this was a wry smile. “Forget it. First question…” The Arcanine coughed, and spoke again. “There is an alien invasion. What do you do?”

The Arcanine then proceeded to drill him with even more questions, which seemed to have no significance whatsoever. Just what was going on nagged slightly at the back of the Ditto's mind, but he didn't make it so vocal.

“Last question.” The Arcanine smiled wryly again at this point.

The Ditto he was interrogating was clearly not amused. “What ridiculous question are you going to make me answer now?” He asked.

“A simple one.” The Arcanine paused for dramatic effect, then…

“Which Basic Pokemon do you want to serve your punishment as?”


It was not a dark and stormy night. That much was easy to understand. In fact, it was a rather nice day, around one in the afternoon. Wingulls were flying around in the thermals above the seashore, making a racket like you’d never believe (but was normal for the Wingulls around here). The Wingulls seemed to be having a ball – so much of a ball, in fact, that they failed to notice the unconscious Magnemite lying on the sand below them.

Slowly, the metallic Pokemon came to. The robotic eye in the center of his body began to flick about as the programs began to run themselves. Slowly the Magnemite brought himself into the air with that levitating ability that Magnemites are so lucky to have, and waggled the magnet on the left side of his body.


As he remained there examining himself, a couple of creatures padded on to the beach. One of them was a yellow rat-like specimen on all four short, stubby legs, and the (to most people) unmistakable lightning bolt tail bobbing behind it. It had large black eyes and red circles on each of its cheeks, as well as brown-tipped, long ears stuck on near the top of its head. It was, unmistakably, a Pikachu.

The other resembled more of a cream-furred cat. There was a shiny gold-colored coin in the middle of its forehead, wedged between two triangle-shaped brown ears. It had large green eyes on a round face, with pointed teeth and whiskers on either side. Its cream body was more ovular, with three sharp claws (sheath-able, how convenient) on the end of its arms and longer brown paws for its feet. A brown tail curled into a spiral stuck out behind.

“What the…“ The Meowth looked up from her deep conversation with her Pikachu friend. “Caro, there’s a Magnemite on the beach.” She gestured at the Magnemite who looked like he had never seen himself before, as the Pikachu’s brown-tipped ears twitched to catch her message.

“Looks like it, Kris,” he nodded back, speaking as if he were a Solid Snake rip-off on a Super Secret Stealth Mission. Kris, the Meowth, rolled her eyes and padded up to the metal Pokemon.

“’Scuse me, sir,” she said, to which the Magnemite turned around silently, “are you okay? I’ve never seen you around here before.” Caro plodded beside her, and bowed slightly.

“No,” the Magnemite replied emotionlessly, “I don’t suppose you have. I’ve come from… a long way away.”

“I see,” Kris nodded, “so you’re a foreigner. I’m Kris, and this is my friend Caro.” She indicated the Pikachu with her tail.

“I am pleased to meet you both.” He twitched a magnet in acknowledgment.

Kris nodded, which was soon replaced by a puzzled expression. “We’ve given you our names – so what’s yours?”

No reply except a soft buzzing.

“Mister? Are you okay?” Caro frowned at him, holding up a paw and waving it in front of the Magnemite. He whirred loudly, as if just realizing he had zoned out in the middle of a conversation.

“I apologize,” he said in the same blank tone, “I seemed to have blacked out for a while. You may call me Helio.”

“He really is a foreigner,” Caro muttered under his breath, followed by a hiss and a frown from Kris. After that, she ignored it as if he had never made a comment, and asked Helio another question: “Do you have a place to stay?”

“Alas, I don’t.” Helio said, as further low whirring came from his body. Caro began to get agitated by the noise and frowned, but Helio noted his expression and explained. “I’m a machine. Thus, I give off periodical whirring noises. It’s a natural thing.” Caro kept the frown on his face, even after Helio replied.

Kris nodded. “Well, then, you can just stay with us!” Caro turned from frowning to staring slack-jawed at the cheery Meowth.

“Thank you for the offer,” the Magnemite said in his slightly unnerving monotone, “but I don’t wish to be much of a burden to you.”

Kris shook her head. “You won’t be any burden. We’ll find some place in the Team for you.” She turned around and signaled with her tail for him and Caro, still annoyed, to follow her off the scene.

Team…? Helio thought as he followed after the other two.


Heh heh... sorry for such a long prologue. And yes, there was a reason why I plopped this 'important event' in the prologue! (And ohcrud, I'm on the second page already? New record!)
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