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    Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
    !!!!I have been trying to find those offsets! Can you please link me to that particular RHN?!!!!

    (But yeah, I do believe that this method would work, I have renamed the first bit of information, to 'Explaining the Daycare Script'. But I do believe if I could find the location the pokemon were stored, I could pull this off... I can't find it though...)
    What offsets lol? The ones for the OW? If so, they are located in the INI of Hackmew's Overworld Editor RE, but anyways here's the link to the RHN:

    Oh and just a quick question to any scripters here... The loadbytefrompointer and loadbytetooffset would work on Ruby if you want to change the main players OW, correct?

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