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Okay, so I was busy yesterday and the day before yesterday. So expect progress to be slow.

Anyways, I have finished scripting the main event in Boulder City, which I have said in the previous update. That's a good thing. Only 5 more main events to script until Chapter 3 is done. And when it's done, expect beta 2 which will go up to Chapter 2 of the LoG storyline.

Also, I have been thinking of an idea ever since I started hacking LoG and I finally started to script it. It's still not done but it was cool and annoying to you if you're in a hurry.

See the screen? :D
That's the script I'll be working on for a while in all the snowy parts of LoG.
Yup! You'll get frozen. You'll have 66.6% to be frozen, and once you're frozen, you have 50% to break free.

Unless you have a certain item to keep yourself warm so you'll never be frozen, though.

Anyways, that's all for now~


Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
I've played the beta third time.
Some suggestions:
- Somebody should tell you that you must go back to your house after you come out of the cave
- If you're going to have D&N, you should write the Fix Real Time Clock thingy on the first page
- Change some tilesets of (what is the building called instead of Gym?)
I'll do those stuff later on. Thanks~

Originally Posted by Xanza View Post
finally logged in and had messages bout reign of legends. btw jagold the beta's until where in the game
the beta's length can be viewed in the first post.

Originally Posted by NecroFlame View Post
Hey Jagold, I haven't talked to you in a while. Just so you know I'm still watching on this project and loving the updates.
Keep it up, best of luck!
Hi there. It's been a while. :D
Thank you~

Originally Posted by Poke-random View Post
EDIT: Help! I can't get on the boat. And the first gym is empty too.
go to Oceanshine City's pokecenter and talk to the guy who's hunting Felinar, then go back to the boat dock and talk to the lady. then head back to Silkwind town and battle the leader and then head back to the boat.

Originally Posted by Thrace View Post
Congratulations on winning the first HotM award for 2009 destinedjagold.

By winning HotM you get your thread stickied for an entire month.
for the whole month of.., February?
well, gee, thank you.

I am honored, I guess?


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