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Originally Posted by Lyzo View Post
I was wondering... You know how in Ruby/Saphire when you beat the elite 4, latios and latias are released into the game. I was wondering if someone could explain how to do that. I was looking at the script at the end of the elite 4 and there were lots of flags that have been set and there was also a special that I didn't see in this guide. special 0xA9. If someone could help me with this that would be great!
I'm sorry, but I can't help you. Maybe you should go to the Simple Questions thread.

Originally Posted by GuyNamedSean View Post
I am having trouble making a trainerbattle.
Every time I click "Open Script" on A-Map, the srcipt that I made is gone.
This is the script, but I didn't see anything wrong with it.
#dynamic 0x800000

#org @start
trainerbattle 0x0 0x2E7 0x0 @before @after
msgbox @beaten 0x6

#org @before
= Hey!\nYou're not allowed here!

#org @after
= What!\nI've been beat by\la BLUE PHEONIX brat?!

#org @beaten
= Great...\nThanks to you,\lthe boss took away my \lHOUNDOUR...

And isn't the dynamic value the same as the script offset?
Sometimes, it's not. You know the box that pops up saying that the script got compiled? Well, use the offset next to @start for the script offset.

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