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    Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
    Well, if you could load the 100 byte string representing the pokemon inserted into the daycare, divided into 100 bytes, put onto 100 variables, then you could use writebytetooffset and write the bytes to the empty slot in the party.
    No ASM is the best way to do it. I've already written up a code to do it all, I just need to test it all out for any bugs and errors when I find the time.

    Through the Pokemon script engine it would take up far too much space in the ROM with 100 writebytetooffset's, and load byte to offsets plus the rest of the script. Then again to send the data back, which would obviously take thousands of bytes. Those commands are only useful for the odd little thing. You're much better off with ASM and only using probably at most 1/10th of the space. It would also be more efficient time-wise.

    After you mentioned it to me, only some areas of the 02000000 range don't reset with the restart of the game. I didn't try the 03... range though. I only went off and found an offset that didn't reset.
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